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What is a Call to Action or CTA?

“Call to Action”, also known as CTA is an essential design element for any effective website, that entices users into clicking to take some action. This may consist of an image, text or both.

A CTA element is strategically placed in web pages, landing pages, emails or even blog posts. It could be for the signup, downloading some ebook, buying or placing an enquiry. Effectiveness of a CTA is something that depends on various factors such as placement, it’s copy, color, size and value proposition.

Although it’s recommended to have one CTA element focused on the primary action. It may be desired sometimes to lead to more than one action. For example a membership subscription website’s primary goal will be to get the members to register. However a secondary CTA button can be placed to let them contact you, in case they have any queries.


Creating a highly effective Call-To-Action buttons

Keep the following in mind when creating a CTA button to enhance it’s effectiveness

  1. Contrasting Design – Make it stand out from the rest of the web page by using the contrasting color.
  2. Placement – It should be placed in a no mess location, where it can easily stand out from the other elements.
  3. Well Balanced Size – Size it slightly dominantly compared to the other elements and contents.
  4. Value Proposition – An effective CTA must always be accompanied by a very clear value proposition.
  5. CTA Copy – The text on the CTA button should make people want to Click or Act.
  6. Landing Page – depending on the stage of the customer journey, it should lead to the right landing page



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