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top indian instagram brands

The art of branding is not only limited to brands sitting in the USA or first world countries. No doubt, Indian companies are giving good competition to global brands. There is a lot to learn from Indian brands. In this article, I will explain how top Indian brands are killing it when it comes to branding!

Unless you are living under a rock, it has become a well-known fact that Instagram is no more limited to hot shots and celebrities to show off their curves and gadgets! Almost every new and old business is now on Instagram that one can’t simply deny the importance and value Instagram can deliver!

Millions of the businesses worldwide are getting good returns from Instagram, in this article what the top Indian brands are top on Instagram.

For those who still have doubts about Instagram, here are a few stats which are big enough to lure you back!

  • There are approx 1 billion Instagram users worldwide!
  • Only 20% percent of Instagram users are from the USA. This means Instagram has huge potential even outside the USA.
  • More than half of the users are under 30 years of age.
  • More than 4 billion pics are liked every day.
  • More than 80% of users follow a brand on Instagram.

The above stats are good enough for anyone to realize the power of Instagram. Let’s dig into the top Indian brands doing awesome at Insta!

Top Indian Brands to Collaborate with on Instagram

1. Sabyasachi

One of the most reputed fashion brands in India, Sabyasachi is very well known for delivering an experience which no bride can have for a lifetime. With their exclusive designs and vintage themes, they can capture the heart of every Indian. They are more than 2 million followers on Instagram which shows how popular they are in the Indian fashion world. Yes, it’s true that for a shoot like that, you probably have to spend a fortune, but you can still rock your Instagram page using Canvas free design tools. Give them a look for sure.



  • Utilise your happy customers. Sabyasachi knows this very well as they regularly feature their customers on their Instagram profiles. This serves as a pleasant surprise for customers which in turn helps Sabyasachi get more followers!
  • Get Influencers on board. SS recently got Deepika Padukone to get their designs featured on social media. Getting influencers on board helps in gaining more followers because these influencers have their own loyal follower base

2. Chumbak

The word Chumbak literally means a Magnet. As the child, we all used to be very curious about these little magnets we used to get from old gadgets. Chumbak deals in Indian souvenirs and curios which specialize in Indian contemporary touch. The products are awesome and immediately grab attention. Their photographs on an Instagram page are product focused which are blended with how they are used.



  • Leverage the power of UGC i.e. user-generated content is something chumbak specializes at! They recently launched a campaign where they involved their followers to design a cup which was focused on a theme. The campaign went awesomely well as the post went viral.
  • Professional photo shoot: The creative team at Chumbak plays very well when it comes to showcasing their products. A nice shoot helps a lot in gaining attention.

3. Vogue

Though Vogue is not a hidden name when it comes to the brand, their Indian version is one of its kind. Vogue India is mostly focused towards raising social issues towards women which exposes them to a totally new audience.



  • Go out of the box: you can pat a whole new audience. They launched a #startwithboys video featuring Madhuri Dixit which instantly went viral. I am sure that campaign alone bought them heap load of followers!
  • Vogue Hit at the right spot by raising the issues, related women. This gave them an edge over other brands and women started feeling connected to them.

4. Zomato

Being in a niche market, zomato doesn’t have a lot of followers but that doesn’t mean they have to keep the brand limited at Instagram. These guys are doing awesomely well on social media.



  • Being witty: Little humor a day keeps the unfollow button away! Add a little bit of wittiness in your post no matter whatever you are in. People like to have light content and fun on social media.
  • Zomato never sticks to a fixed schedule. Being on Instagram doesn’t mean you have to post content at regular intervals. Just make sure to provide value whenever you publish content.

5. The Ustraa

Ustraa entered the completed new niche when they entered the market. Before Ustraa, there was no such brand which was completed focused on men’s grooming. Still, ustraa managed to get a loyal audience around their brand which must be considered as a huge success.



  • Don’t keep on doing self-promotion all time. You don’t have to be pushy to sell your stuff. A wise marketer always delivered the value first and everything comes down on its own. Make sure to deliver content focused posts which are directly targeted towards your target audience.
  • Make sure you know your audience very well. More you know about them, more you will be able to make data-driven decisions.

Branding in India very different than in the USA. But the basics are very same, you have to ensure that you touch the right audience at the right timing. In the end, it all boils down to the people by the people.

6. Blue Tokai Coffee

Blue Tokai Coffee is a family-owned company that was born from the love of coffee. Sourcing only a single estate 100% Arabica beans, they lovingly hand roast each batch and ship it out to their customers across India with care so you can enjoy your perfect cup anytime.

Blue Tokai Coffee sources some of the best coffees in all over India for its wide range & carefully roasts them fresh for every customer’s taste buds’ needs–without any caffeine or added sugar if desired (just pure goodness).

Blue Tokai Coffee is constantly evolving the way Indian coffee is described, enjoyed, and processed. One of these advancements includes using refractometers for more precise brewing measurements in our cafe. They also hold sensory training courses to help junior roasters get a better understanding of how they can taste different nuances found within various beans; this helps them vary with their brews by pairing certain flavors together or picking out one that would complement another flavor nicely.

Blue Tokai Coffee

7. Boheco

Boheco, Bombay Hemp Company reimagining the future of Indian agriculture and sustainable living with hemp as its lens. Hemp has a kaleidoscopic range of uses – pull its fibre out for yarn; chop into softwood for building shelter; study its genetics to find medicine. Boheco design fuses this potential with existing industries like technology, agribusiness, and healthcare to bring together community impact value in new ways that can be relevant today but also tomorrow.

They design products from their innovative use of this versatile, natural resource which serves a variety of purposes such as textile production due to its fiber content or shelter construction when it’s chopped into softwood. Boheco also studies the genetics behind these plants in search of new medicines!


8. Bombay Shaving Company

At Bombay Shaving Company, you’ll find a wide range of products to meet all your needs. Get the shaving and skincare accessories that will make you look & feel better than ever! Explore our selection today at reasonable prices for same-day delivery.
Get the perfect shave and beard care with Bombay Shaving Company. You won’t be disappointed in our wide range of shaving, skincare & more products! Get your order to us for COD today.


9. Carmesi

Carmesi is a one-stop-destination for all your feminine needs. Since its inception in 2017, the brand has grown to become one of the most prominent startups in the feminine care industry in India. Carmesi has challenged many stereotypes of the feminine hygiene industry by constantly innovating and vocalizing women’s issues. The brand has a huge array of natural period products – right from sanitary pads to menstrual cups, tampons, panty liners, etc, all of which have been designed using the safest natural ingredients. Carmesi has very strong advocacy amongst its users, and the brand’s Instagram handle is proof of the brand’s efforts towards empowering women and making period conversations mainstream. Carmesi has recently expanded its menstrual hygiene portfolio with the introduction of cramp relief heat patches and facial razors. With the new range of products, Carmesi aims to provide effective solutions that will empower women to accomplish their goals sans period pain.


10. Charmboard

The one place to stay on top of all the latest and coolest celebrity fashion trends is Charmboard. This free app gives you access to everything from hair, makeup and jewellery looks right down to men’s or women’s clothing styles at your fingertips with just a few clicks! Whether you want inspiration for dressing like Deepika Padukone in this month’s Vogue cover shoot, or would prefer Shahrukh Khan‘s laid back athletic look, it has got something for everyone.

The most fashionable stars are waiting there for their biggest fans – so have fun browsing through them via an easy click away!

The struggle of staying on top of fashion trends is real, but it doesn’t have to be. Charmboard has all the celebrity-inspired and high street looks you need in one place so that your closet never goes out of style again! With a simple click or two, you can browse through thousands upon thousand’s (or millions!)of clothing items for every occasion. You could even get styling advice from the celebs themselves – nothing like getting tips straight from an expert right?


11. Food Darzee

FOOD DARZEE is a specialised food delivery service aimed at providing tailored meals with an emphasis on specific dietary requirements. They offer three types of meal plans catering to the Ketogenic diet, Low carbohydrate high protein diet and Balanced Diet. Nutritionalists ensure that every gram of what you eat fits your goals so you get exactly what’s needed based on factors like body type, gender age weight height medical conditions preferences lifestyle fitness goal etc.

FOOD DARZEE provides each customer with a custom-tailored meal plan to help them reach their fitness goals. With the Ketogenic, Low carb high protein and Balanced diet plans there are separate meals for different body types, preferences and medical conditions so you don’t have to worry about feeling left out or getting unhealthy food!


12. Mamaearth

Mamaearth offers a variety of natural skincare products that are made of quality ingredients and free of harsh chemicals. Their products are both affordable and eco-friendly. Mamaearth is free of all the following toxins: sulfates, parabens, silicones, artificial colors, and more. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee on their products so customers can purchase with confidence. Mamaearth skincare products are made from natural ingredients. They are fresh, effective, and free of toxins. Buy Mamaearth’s organic skincare products online. They are available at a range of prices and come with free shipping.

Mamaearth Brand on Instagram

13. Lenskart

Lenskart is a leading online e-commerce portal for eyewear in India. It has revolutionised the eyewear industry in the country with its omnichannel approach. Consumers can get their prescription glasses and contact lenses from Lenskart’s homepage, and they can also visit their brick-and-mortar stores in cities across the country. Lenskart’s website is easy to navigate and features a number of advanced features such as virtual try-on, which enables customers to virtually try on different frames so that they can find the perfect pair for them.


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Infographic: Top Indian Brands on Instagram

Top Indian Brands on Instagram

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