9 UX Design Tips to Make a Positive E-commerce User Experience

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You are going well if your customers are happy having the best user experience on your site. Imparting them the best experience means your customers will turn into the marketing agent.

They will praise your site and will encourage others to head to your site. The fact cannot be ignored that word of mouth is quite powerful and play a major role to make you get noticed at the forefront.
Though, the success of ECommerce UI/UX Design activity also revolves around the several factors including:



  • What kind of quality of the product or service you are offering
  • How you are introducing the product to your customers
  • The site must look good and creative if it is offering the electronic platform

It is already known that how it is important to emphasize over UI/UX design as they are playing an enormous role.
There is a wide array of features on which it emphasizes adding the logic and transitions, simple and clear micro-interactions, fast feedback from the system, attractive product presentation, easy payment flow and so on.


UX perspective

We are living in the technology world where everything is available at your fingertips. E-commerce is growing day-by-day. It has become essential to serve the best users experience to double the profit and sales.
The new age businesses are going with the aim to fetch the attention of the buyer and lure them to come for shopping again and again. There is no space for the mistake when it comes about ECommerce UI/UX Design.

The Four Key Aspects Of ECommerce UI/UX Design Are Quite Clear:


1) Registration Page

Let the purchaser checkout without making a record. Clients are not compelled to make and recall another login and secret key. Though there are the advantages of making a record. It will find to create a simple and easy to understand Registration Page.

Tips For Registration Page

  • Go for mentioning the advantages of creating an account.
  • Go with a simple layout.
  • Avoid asking more questions as 2 questions are enough to ask.

2) Product Page Images

Expansive photographs and zoom are about the closest your purchaser can get without physically touching the item. Fluffy, low-quality pictures influence the items to look low quality as well.


Tips For Product Page

  • Use large image having a white background.
  • Add a zoom feature to let the customers go through every detail they wish to have.
  • Inform your customers about additional images or zoom features are available.

3) Category Page Content

Do not keep the thin category pages on content. Keyword research can enable you to comprehend customers’ inquiries. Utilize those keywords in order to address basic inquiries concerning in respect of your product offering.
Tips For Category Page Content

  • Emphasize only on the buyer’s needs.
  • Go for adding the semantic keywords in order to add extra support to your main keyword.
  • Maintain a FAQs answering the query of customers

4) Coupons You Can Use:

Make your customers happy while they are leaving offering the coupons. They will surely love this idea. These days most of ECommerce UI/UX Design providers are following this idea and have really benefitted because of this.

5) SEO Content For Product Listing Pages

SEO friendly content fetches the wide attention of the users. Let your customers and Google understand the content of your page is going according to their needs.

Tips For SEO Content

  • Go for adding the most relevant as well as the lowest difficulty keywords in your page title
  • Do not forget to add the h1 tag having the keywords
  • Additional information must be added to the product listing Page
  • Show pricing and options both clearly
  • Add a product overview

6) More Robust Reviews

People are loving to buy the product checking out its reviews. Do not forget to mention them on your page. It is called another way to win the trust of the customers.

7) Product Page Content Layering

Do not go for adding too much information regarding the product. It would be right to keep it short, clear and crisp. Customers are looking for the right level of product information for people.


Tips For Product Page Content Layering

  • Add a short product summary at the top of the page. Keep it shorter and to-the-point.
  • Make sure a border or shaded background has been added to your “action area” so it becomes easy for the people to select options and click the button.
  • The ordering options must be adjacent to the top in the action area
  • Do not forget to have breadcrumbs on the product pages.
  • Put the discreet product details adding all about it right from the reviews, data and so on.

8) Add A Gift Wrapping Option To Purchases

This one is next on the list. It would be a bit creative idea to add a gift wrapping option to purchases on your store. It will lure the customers to a personal note to their gifts. Apart from it, let the customers decide if they wish to add the price information in the invoice during delivery.

9) Make the shopping cart always visible

Do not put it in a place so it would be hard to view. Make it visible as much as it can. People are having time issues these days and they want everything at their fingertips without having any trouble.
Therefore it is considered important to mention that the basket must be visible on every page of the site along with the information of a number of things added and the price.
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Ronak Meghani About Ronak Meghani Ronak Meghani is a co-founder of Magento IT Solution Pvt Ltd, an eCommerce Website Desing Company in USA & India.

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