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Poweres more than
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Extend functionality
using more than
47,000 plugins.

Wordpress 4.6 (Pepper)
downloaded more than
28,528,052 times(till Nov 2016)

Available in 72
languages including

What’s this about?

Why Wordpress

VOCSO is a custom WordPress development agency based in India, the USA, and UAE. We're an ISO 27001 certified company having 10 years of experience in WordPress website design and development. Our professional WordPress developers build world-class websites by using WordPress that meets your unique needs.

Get your SEO ready website customized on WordPress, the World's most popular CMS. Our experts deliver an excellent user experience to your website users by using artificial intelligence (AI) in the WordPress web development process and marketing strategy.

Ease of

Wordpress is the most uncomplicated blogging and content management platform. VOCSO Team utilizes these three core offerings to build websites for diverse use cases. The Wordpress Theme Engine + Custom Type/Taxonomy + Application Framework is the perfect base to develop any kind of application and scale it up later as the business need grows.

Theme System

Custom Content
Types &


Wordpress & VOCSO are a perfect team ...for everything wordpress

We’ve got you covered no matter what your need is. Our
team has the right skills & experience for everything

We’ve the right skills, experience and process to handle the needs of simple website for your new business, custom functionalities/plugins or migrating your old websites with large content to a brand new wordpress platform without loosing the organic traffic. VOCSO Team has deep understanding and hands on of all the core functionalities.

Wordpress Custom Theme Design

Design a new website for your business with completely unique theme.

Responsive Wordpress Websites

Get more prospects by reaching out to your prospects across tablets, smartphones and desktops.

Wordpress Customization

Modify wordpress platform to achieve the goals of your website.

Wordpress Shopping Cart

Modify wordpress platform to achieve the goals of your website.

Wordpress Plugin Development

VOCSO Team can help you develop new plugins for your use or reselling.

Wordpress Website Migration

We help you in migrating to or from wordpress without loosing any organic traffic.

Membership Wordpress Websites

Want to offer exclusive content to paid members? We can design an exclusive membership website.

BuddyPress + Wordpress Website

Start your own Wordpress + Buddypress based community portal.

Wordpress Magazine/News Portal

Launch your own online magazine/newspaper like huffington post or

Wordpress Portfolio Websites

Photographer, Artist, Architect or any other professional.... show your projects in right light.

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Wordpress Design and Developement Portfolio
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Enough talking! Look at some of our recent Wordpress Development below...

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    SignCenter is a privately owned and operated wholesale printing business with production facilities in Milford, CT and sales offices in Milford and Boston, MA.

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we love
wordpress ...and you’ll love it too!

The minds at VOCSO has seen the world wide web evolving since over a decade and seen it impacting the web businsses. We know what’s going to help the new and already businesses. Here are the major differentiators.


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    Ease of

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    Built-in SEO -
    Google loves it

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    Add functionality
    with plugins

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    Fastest way to take
    your business online

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    Most active & widely

Ease of Management

WordPress is a powerful platform to build a portfolio, blog, personal, corporate, online shopping and business sites. VOCSO WordPress customized solution enables you to manage all types of update in an easy way. Get started with us for an outstanding and mobile-ready WordPress website with fast, and friendly support.‎


Built in SEO, Google Loves it!

If we're looking for an SEO friendly website then WordPress would be the first choice. WordPress is the best CMS who provides everything that needs to make a website search engine friendly. Over 70% marketing expert think that the WordPress 99 % SEO friendly. There are various SEO plugins available to help improve search engine visibility of your WordPress website.


Add Functionality with Plugins

Over 20k WordPress plugins enable you to add more functionality. There are so many third party contributors to plugins that help to fulfill every need of the website. A wide range of mobile-ready themes and plugins help enhance the design and functionality of WordPress sites.


Fastest Way to Take Your Business Online

Our highly skilled WordPress developers use the set of right tools and concise plugins that help you to speed up your WordPress development. WordPress is very popular also because it significantly speeds up website development process. Easy to set up, advanced and up-to-date plugins‎, easily customizable themes, and much more features able to take your business online in a shorter time.


Most Active and Widely Supported

WordPress is the most popular CMS widely used by nearly 75 million websites. There are 20k WordPress plugins which are also the sign of its popularity. Easy to learn back-end interface, responsive themes, plenty of tutorials, full control over website content, organize your content into categories and tags, no fee to use, extensive built-in plugin system with third-party support, WooCommerce plugin platform for eCommerce stores, large developer, designer, and community support and much more facilities are the reasons for WordPress widely use and popularity.


VOCSO is the best wordpress development team to handle all your
wordpress development & customization projects.



To make it affordable for small businesses we are very competitively priced in our segment. Just request a quote and you will believe it.


Quality on time,
every time

We believe quality has to be delivered on time so it falls in line with the other efforts of your business.


12 Months
Unparalleled Support

VOCSO’s friendly support has your back when you screw up or you simply have a question.


Time to join over 600 smart

entrepreneurs. Take the plunge.

VOCSO & Wordpress Are
Perfect for your Business ...competitive edge!

With so much hands on experience & insights on wordpress we come up with the perfect approach for your business.

VOCSO team’s immense knowledge of wordpress’s core and it’s essential building blocks is at your disposal.

  • - Simplicity

  • - Built in Comments

  • - Flexibility

  • - Search Engine Optimized

  • - Publish with ease

  • - Multi Lingual

  • - User Management

  • - Full Standard Compliant Code Generation

  • - Easy Theme System

  • - Extend functionality with plugins

Web Application Development Introduction Video

web application development service introduction video

What is a WordPress developer?

WordPress developers are specific web developers who operate on the online CMS, WordPress (WP), formulating web apps. Be it designing the site structure to themes or setting up plugins, this is what these experts specialize in.

Is WordPress good for web development?

Server-based installations enable various features to design and manage stellar content. This targets specific material and sites with robust plugins which also support e-commerce platforms, employment portals, social media networks, and other personalized pages.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, WordPress is also one of the most using platforms among the online community of users and publishers. More than 40% of the web is powered by WordPress, which is evidence of the popularity of this website and blog-creating platform.

Why Choose WordPress?

This allows you more autonomy when designing sites as it uses its very own server, making setup and installs easy. Blog pages are ready upon page requests, meaning lower volume and hence freeing up space. Templates can be conveniently edited, whilst the sites are easily updated. This attracts greater audiences. As a leading WordPress development company, we know the importance of WordPress for our clients. It’s really easy to use and enables users to finish their publishing work quickly. Here are reasons why we recommend this most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) to our customers:

  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • Publish with Ease
  • Publishing Tools
  • User Management
  • Media Management
  • Full Standards Compliance
  • Easy Theme System
  • Extend with Plugins
  • Built-in Comments
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Use WordPress in Your Language
  • Easy Installation and Upgrades
  • Importers for Blogger
  • Own Your Data
  • Contribute

How Is WordPress Customisable?

A fully customizable CMS provides a convenient way for a website setup and customization to go live. The WordPress settings help you customize the look of your website and functionality as well without losing the user experience.

You can post your stories, ideas, prose, reviews, links, and/or images of virtually anything you wish. Personalize the appearance of your site by opting from the theme options, deciding your site style. Multiple plugins scale your site functionality. More than 58,000 plugins allow VOCSO WordPress developers to customize a website that loves our clients as well as users and search engines. Thinking to hire a WordPress website design development solution? You can undoubtedly go with WordPress CMS.

How much do you charge for development services?

Known as a custom web WordPress development company, we develop fully customized websites for our global customers. Our designs not only focus on a catchy look but also engage visitors because of the way that we organize your products and services. VOCSO WordPress development starting range from $900 to $5000. It's still customizable or dependent on how advanced, the scale, and the priority of the project. Retainer WordPress development plans are inclusive for continual improvement, maintenance, and feature updates. Ready to get designed your business website? See our website packages and select those that fit your business or website functionality goals.


What will happen with my project after it’s completed?

As far as we’re concerned, a project never ceases development, however is rather continually honed. To exemplify, our very own site (here) is revised on a fortnightly basis, where we often invest somewhere around a week to enrich the functionality and ergonomics. Additionally, marketing strategies and content curation ensues..

Technical WordPress retainers and maintenance plans are offered to all customers. Web solutions need to be regarded, updated and refined in order to remain valuable to all audiences. Here are a few of our web and mobile services that we offers our clients to grow their business:

Why should I hire VOCSO over other custom WordPress development services companies?

VOCSO, ISO 27001 certified WordPress website development agency specializes in major WordPress platforms, Software as a Service projects, Multisites, migrating proprietary platforms, and building dependable and scalable solutions. Contrary to many freelancers and other companies, our developers have expertise in different programming skills such as PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, multiple software development languages, frameworks, and much more.

Can I see the WordPress design before it’s built?

VOCSO Technologies deploys the following experts in building websites:

Sure - this is precisely why we create previews to be explored by mimicking how the finished product will appear and operate like. Upon designing drafts, we seek your acceptance prior to proceeding further.

I already have a WordPress website and it needs to be updated. Can you help?

We can and will review your site, thereby providing you with an estimate for revising your existing content and design to improve user experiences.

Do you provide custom themes and plug-ins?

VOCSO is a custom web application development company with over a decade of expertise in building custom themes and plug-ins and do this is substantiated by the multiple personalized plugins and themes made specifically for clients. Our experts will design appealing outlays and engaging features. Get ready for an award-winning website that converts and fulfills your business dream. Get a free quote now!

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I want to take a min and talk about Deepak and Vocso team.We have outsourced web projects to many offshore companies but found Deepak understands the web content management and culture of US based firm and delivered the project with in time/budget . Also in terms of quality of product exceeds then anything else on which we work on offshore association I would recommend them for any web projects.

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